We are Coffee Made Better, our mission: Stopping Bad Coffee.

This team was started out of a passion for disassembling the model of coffee making that fuels lackluster systems and companies.

Our goal is to put the spotlight on different roasting, grinding, brewing, and drinking methods as well as different companies that are simply Making Coffee Better. 

We are also extremely passionate about helping people find the beauty and art that lies behind what might seem just an ordinary bean.

How it Began

I  started Coffee Made Better in 2017 due to my inability to focus on anything other than the art of perfecting coffee. It became so time-consuming that I thought it would be wise for me to spread my love with others.

I write from various coffee shops in the Asheville, NC region and prefer to drink single-origin pour-overs in the process.

Aside from coffee, I hang with my wife and my 2 little boys.


Daniel Lancaster
Editor or something like that
Coffee Made Better