We are Coffee Made Better, our mission: Stopping Bad Coffee.

This coffee news & culture outlet was started out of a passion for disassembling the model of coffee making that fuels lackluster systems and companies.

Our goal is to put the spotlight on different roasting, grinding, brewing, and drinking methods as well as different companies that are simply Making Coffee Better. 

We are also extremely passionate about helping people find the beauty and art that lies behind what might seem just an ordinary bean.

About Daniel:
Daniel Lancaster is the founder of Coffee Made Better where he utilizes his various experiences as a barista and cafe manager to write numerous articles on coffee culture, science, trends and coffee brewing techniques that have been read and shared by hundreds of thousands.

Daniel has also contributed numerous articles to Perfect Daily Grind, and has written a book titled, The Coffee Recipe Book that has been read by coffee curious people all over the world.

Building off of his years of experience working & writing in the coffee industry, Daniel now roasts coffee for his friends, neighbors, and fellow humans around the world through Short Sleeves Coffee Co.

Aside from coffee, Daniel hangs with his wife and 2 little boys, and serves his church in Swannanoa, NC.


Daniel Lancaster
Founder, Coffee Made Better
Owner, Short Sleeves Coffee Co.

Email: coffeemadebetter@gmail.com

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