Specialty Instant Coffee

Recently there has been an increase in instant coffee on the market. Previously, it was taboo to even use the words “instant” and “coffee” together in the same sentence, however, that could possibly be changing.

How Did Instant Coffee Start

Instant coffee originally rose in popularity during the industrial revolution and World War II Era due to its ease of use on the battlefields and workplace environments. While it was more convenient, it obviously lacked the ability to produce the same quality cup of coffee that can be produced with fresh ground coffee brewed traditionally.

Current Trends in Instant Coffee

Traditionally, instant coffee was dehydrated using the “spray drying” method. The problem with this method is that it strips the coffee of most of its aromatic compounds and results in a significant loss of flavor and cup quality.

Then steps in the new method of making instant coffee: Freeze Drying.

Freeze drying coffee creates instant coffee that preserves significantly more of its flavor compounds. This method of preserving coffee is the same method used to preserve DNA and blood among other volatile compounds.

This new progress in processes used to make instant coffee has produced a significantly better cup of coffee. The draw that specialty instant coffee has is that the consumer is able to brew a high-quality cup of coffee without needing all of the gear and expertise that typical coffee enthusiasts insist on.

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Our Recommendations For Instant Coffee

While we don’t recommend you switching to instant coffee full-time, we do think it is worth trying and possibly keeping on hand for when you are traveling or camping.

Here are some of our favorite picks for specialty instant coffee:
Joe Coffee Specialty Instant Coffee Packets, The Daily House Blend

Sudden Coffee – Single Origin Instant Coffee

Swift Cup Specialty Instant Coffee

Voila Specialty Instant Coffee

Happy Coffee Drinking!


8 thoughts on “Specialty Instant Coffee”

  1. Thanks for this one! I agree with you, instant and coffee are taboo but I may try these ones since I am the only coffee drinker in the house and sometimes I throw away one quarter of the pot (sigh). My family is into tea…

  2. My husband drinks Douwe Egberts instant, which he swears by. I can drink it only if I’m desperate, and think of it as ‘instant’ rather than coffee. When we travel I take my moka pot with me, but I wonder if it’s worth trying one of your recommendations? Mmm…

    1. I will say, MOST instant coffees are an absolute miserable attempt to take something amazing and replicate it for use at any point in time. That being said, the ones I have here, are an entirely new ball game. They are actually quite delicious. Wouldn’t replace a classic brewed cup for me, however, would be worth considering. Sudden Coffee has gotten a ton of buzz lately, that is where I’d start

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