Farewell: Asheville, NC

Farewell just opened up in Asheville’s south slope. With great a vibe, bright space, and a diverse but well-crafted menu, Farewell will be trailblazing a new culture of coffee in Asheville.

Farewell has the vision of providing a great hang out space that provides great coffee, wine, beer, and seasonal and local toasts. The menu is perfectly curated to represent their work of intention in everything they do. From delicious Trout Toast, to a locally sourced charcuterie board, to their highly selective choices in wines and teas, there is a great sense that nothing was settled upon without purpose.

Farewell boasts Asheville’s first Modbar Espresso Maker which shows their effort of being intentional in curating an open-community oriented space. Max, the owner explained that he chose the Modbar for the ability it gives the barista to be able to interact with customers behind the bar. He talked of the problems that come with a bulky espresso machine and the way it hides baristas behind it and how he wanted to avoid that with this space.

The coffee selection at Farewell shows a well-seasoned palate of the owners. They will be continually rotating the coffees that they source for their shop, however, at this point in time, they carry local Mountain Air Roasting, Anthology Coffee, and the reputable Ruby Coffee Roasters out of central Wisconsin. All in-house coffees are served in beautiful handmade mugs by Heirloom Pottery out of Spartanburg, SC and espressos are served on craft platters locally made by Stack Woodworking.

One of the highlights of the space is the back wall that is beautifully overlayed with a painting of a rhododendron. The flowers of the rhododendron represent the eyes of owner Max’s father-in-law who passed during the process of opening up this shop.

Looking back on his roots in specialty coffee in Detroit, Max and Family look forward to planting themselves in Western North Carlina and working to brew up a new culture in hospitality and specialty coffee. If you are in the Asheville area, hope on over to Farewell.

Check them out online: Farewell AVL


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