Coffee Made Better

Frankly, being frank, there are many bad coffee ventures out there. Noticing this problem, we would like to disassemble this model of coffee making.

We are Coffee Made Better; Avid Coffee Brewology Enthusiasts In It’s Fullest Sense.

We want to put the spotlight on processes and companies that are simply doing it right; that is processes and companies that are not fueling this system of lackluster coffee making.

Join us pals.


Help us find those processes and companies and help us promote them to shine above the silly ones out there.

For company suggestions or feedback:

Email us


4 thoughts on “Coffee Made Better”

  1. I love coffee and hate bad coffee, I agree you need to have some skill to make a good cup of coffee and who want to experience a bad cup of coffee when you anxiously awaited that good cup of coffee. So this idea to tell me there is good and ooh that’s bad, is a very good idea.

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