Dark Roast Has Less Caffeine: You’re Welcome

Dark Roasts have less caffeine than light roasts.

There you have it: Coffee Non-Fact Debunked.

There is a common belief among people that the darker the roast, the more intense the coffee, and therefore; the more caffeine that is in it.

While you may not be able to handle the darker coffees because of the strong bitter taste, they will not get you jacked compared to the good ole breakfast blend light roasts.

The longer a coffee is roasted, therefore the darker it gets, the less caffeine that is actually left in the coffee. Most of the caffeine is essentially cooked out of the coffee in the process of roasting.

Along with this, it is important to note that chocolate-covered espresso beans actually would have less caffeine content than simply chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Stop ordering the light roast because you ‘want less caffeine’. That’s a terrible move.

Heed this advice.


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18 thoughts on “Dark Roast Has Less Caffeine: You’re Welcome”

    1. Not a bad idea! I tend to really enjoy just the full flavor of the bean by itself so sometimes adding things like that can take away from the flavor, but it also can match really well with certain beans! I say if you like it, go for it! Especially if the beans or grounds are not good themselves, then adding cinnamon or vanilla would be a very smart thing to do, haha.

  1. Hahaha, thank you for this. I often find myself “re-educating” friends and family on this topic. They’re SHOCKED to discover that paying for extra shots of espresso because they need more caffeine is more expensive and less effective than just getting a light roast brewed coffee 🙂

  2. I used to tell everyone I knew about this when I worked at the uh… You know. (Sbux) and I never knew this until then either. Great advice. People need to know. Darker roasts are so much better.

    1. Yes. Exactly…. It’s so funny how nobody knows… also I really do like the taste of stronger roasts better. I can appreciate the movement towards lighter roasts, however, my hearts sits with the dark.

      1. Fantastic.. Best way:) i was thinking about blogging about cake n coffee but you take coffee to the next level, so i will just eat cake drink coffee while reading yours.. Its educational and i feel like im on a coffee adventure…. Should start gathering folks n coffee n do taste days.. Pay per entry…

      1. True. I drink Nescafe Blend 43; never really payed attention to what’s what as far as dark and whatnot goes. I pretty much just drink whatever coffee tastes nice. Thanks again for the info! 😊

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