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What do Bees Have to do With Coffee?

You may think to yourself, "absolutely nothing", however, I am here to change your mind on that today: Bees have everything to do with coffee.

You may think to yourself, “absolutely nothing”, however, I am here to change your mind on that today: Bees have everything to do with coffee.

Arabica coffee, is self-pollinating, therefore, is not dependent on bees to reproduce. That, however, does not mean that bees are completely irrelevant to its production. Recent studies have surprisingly shown that as the number of bee species increases on a coffee farm, so does the amount of productivity on the farm. With bees present on a farm, the plants bear more and heavier fruit.


The problem is that bees need forests to thrive. With healthy forests near a coffee farm, bees can effectively survive and bring nourishment to the coffee plants. Coffee farmers must realize this significance and take the extra step not to completely clear out their land of forests when planting their coffee.

Tropical forests actually provide some of the key habitats for bees and in turn areas bordering those tropical forests are excellent for producing coffee. With the obvious decrease in sustainability for the tropical forests, this is an increasing problem that could truly be detrimental to quality coffee production.


In writing this article I would have to first make it clear that these studies are all in the relatively early stages and will hopefully develop more in the future.

My call today is simple, uphold our forests and they will uphold us. Uphold the bees and they will uphold us. Let us all be caretakers and beekeepers working to cultivate the earth in a sustainable and responsible way. We can no longer ignore the siren calls that our earth is giving us: in this instance, the call the bees are giving us.

Sometimes things don’t hit home until it affects the comfort of our morning cup of coffee

For the bees and the trees.

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6 comments on “What do Bees Have to do With Coffee?

  1. I think everthing I am working about should be here. Hoho~

    • Haha…What do you mean?

      • Well, I am a research assistant here in the Philippines. Currently, we are dealing with fertilizer trials in coffee and cacao..when I was still and undergraduate, I used to farm practice at a coffee farm..not Arabica nor Robusta but Liberica. Our supposedly grand coffee that was wiped out sometime in 1890s x) some say it was Robusta but Robusta cannot be wiped out by coffee rust. Am I correct admin? Haha!

        • Wow! That is interesting! I had read up on Liberica before and it has been fascinating! Maybe I will pull on you to do some research for an article called “Liberica: The Lost Coffee”!

          • Is it readily available? Might look for it 😀 it has the highest caffeine among the species. Thats why we have it as Kapeng Barako or “Strong Coffee” when translated. Surely will take you high hehe.

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