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Boulder Organic Coffee: Coffee Without Compromise

Few and far between are companies that take the extra step towards sustainability and social responsibility: Boulder Organic Coffee is one of the few.

Few and far between are companies that take the extra step towards sustainability and social responsibility: Boulder Organic Coffee is one of the few.

Boulder Organic Coffee is based out of Denver Colorado, yet sells its beans online all over the nation. All of the coffee that they sell is sourced Fair Trade and is Certified Organic. Founded in 1999, the goal was to mindfully roast the highest quality Fair Trade Coffee in Denver, CO; today they are watching their dream become more of a reality.

What Makes Their Coffee Unique

First off, it is certified Organic, which if you have no idea why that is a HUGE deal, take a look at our post entitled The Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic Coffee. Organic is much more sustainable and follows back to the roots of coffee production. Their coffee is also Fair Trade sourced which means that the workers who harvest the coffee are being paid a reasonable amount to provide for themselves and their families.

Aprocassi: San Ignacio, Peru

They Roast At Altitude:¬†What is specifically valuable about their coffee production process is that they roast in small batches at altitude, which allows them to capture unrivaled richness and freshness. One of the goals of roasting is to do it while using the least amount of heat possible. Due to it’s elevation, roasting at altitude allows the roaster to use less heat which makes for a smooth yet intense flavor that you simply can’t get at low-lying places.


They Roast To Order: Many coffee roasters simply roast their coffee beans all at once and then sell them whenever someone buys them. While this may seem normal, what happens is that the coffee begins to lose its freshness before a customer receives it. What Boulder Organic Coffee does is wait to roast their beans until an order comes through and then simply roasts their beans depending on the number ordered by Thursday of every week. The beans are then shipped out Friday resulting in the customer receiving the beans as close to the time they were roasted as possible.

“The School That Coffee Built”

This is actually what I am most excited about. Boulder Organic Coffee (a company founded by Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company) is working towards a project entitled, “The School That Coffee Built“.


In true partnership with their Peruvian farming community in the town of Primero de Mayo, they have teamed up with the farming co-op to rebuild their school in an effort to further support the educational efforts to build social and economic sustainability for generations to come. Throughout 2018, a portion of the proceeds from their Peruvian coffees will support the efforts to improve the school (rebuilding the structure, adding electricity and installing a running water system) and community.

They are finding a way to do so much more than make great coffee, and are also working towards caring for the needs of the producers instead of just the consumers. If you purchase either the Peru, the Foothills Blend, the Longs Peak Blend, or the Indian Peaks Blend, then a portion of the proceeds will go directly towards funding this project!

Coffee Subscription

Another unique thing about this company is that Boulder Organic Coffee runs a coffee subscription service in which you can simply choose what coffee you want, how many bags you want, and how often you want it! It will be delivered with free shipping (for orders of two bags or more) and will be at a rate of 15% off! You can also cancel or pause at any time with no penalty (for instance you go on vacation or are fasting from coffee for a time).


For a guide on how to brew their coffees check out our coffee to water Ratio chart!

Thankful For Companies Like Boulder Organic Coffee.


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