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Third Wave Coffee Community

A community of coffee lovers brought together to discuss current trends in the world of specialty coffee. All are welcome.

How can we bring together a group of coffee lovers? That is the question we were asking when we came up with the idea for the “Third Wave Coffee Community”. We have recently launched a group on Facebook entitled “Third Wave Coffee Community”. The goal of this group is for specialty coffee lovers to have space where they can connect with one another and share ideas, inspiration, current news, and encouragement within the specialty coffee world.

(Check out below an example of a recent discussion on Pour-Over methods)

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 9.47.57 AM
A Current Lively Discussion on Brewing Methods with 23 Comments

Our members range from those who work in the coffee industry as roasters, baristas, educators, bloggers, as well as others who simply love and enjoy coffee.

It’s a very simple thing, yet it has been and will continue to be a source of great joy for the members.

We would love to have YOU join us in this community.

ALL are welcome. ALL are invited. ALL may participate.

ALL may partake in the lovely, delicious, coffee conversations that are already happening and are yet to come.

If you want to learn how to make better coffee, stay updated on current trends in the world of specialty coffee, and connect with other coffee lovers; you are welcome with us.

P.S. Most of us are coffee nerds, so don’t make fun of us.

Check it out here: Third Wave Coffee Community

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14 comments on “Third Wave Coffee Community

  1. I rarely drink coffee. My husband and I drink Green tea since we are heart patients. There is nothing like the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

    • I totally understand having to make life changes. I can also agree with the smell of coffee and it’s incomparable nature!!

      • Ed drank coffee all day, until he had to have a by-pass surgery on his heart. The coffee didn’t cause the problem. He has eaten a leaner diet for years, and his reports are excellent when he goes to the doctor. Ed is tall, and thin, but he still had a heart attack 9 years ago. He is careful and so am I . I have a pacemaker. So we adjusted to Green Tea, and we don’t complain. At times I will drink coffee for a change. It is rare. I make it for everyone else at the church. Several still drink coffee, and this is where I get to smell it brewing. Smile.

  2. Pacemakers are something that helps the heart stay in a steady beat. I have more energy. The one I have now is the second one. I feel safe with it.

  3. As someone who has accepted the fact that their love affair with coffee will be an enduring one, I love the fact that this blog exists! I do have a goal of reducing my caffeine intake, as consuming it to the point of palpitations never helped anyone, but on the bright side I know I’ll appreciate coffee more the less it becomes commonplace. So I’m looking forward to following your updates on here – a touch of vicarious living, maybe, but that’s alright for me πŸ˜€

    • That is wonderful Christina! Glad that you will be following along with us! I do occasionally feel I need a caffeine sabbath just to help my body adjust as well, haha. Welcome aboard!

  4. I am from Costa Rica, and for me the best coffee here (or anywhere:) is Cafe Volio. Have you tried it?

  5. Thank you for following my blog!

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