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Arcadia Coffee Roasters: Giving Purpose To Your Daily Grind

Arcadia Coffee Roasters works to Give Purpose to Your Daily Grind.

In the world of commodities (coffee included) sometimes we as consumers forget about what goes into what we wear, use, eat and drink. I am here to tell you about two guys who haven’t forgotten and are here to help you remember too.

Arcadia Coffee Roasters

Arcadia Coffee Roasters based out of Dahlonega, GA, is a small micro-roastery run by two brothers; Asher and Win. The Roaster they use was actually built by Asher through fabricating a propane grill. Typically, I steer away from companies with homemade roasters, however, after drinking their coffee for a few weeks I can truly say that Asher has an extraordinary roaster that really works alongside the coffee beans to bring out wonderful flavors. Their current offerings are a Kenya, an Ethiopia, a Peru, and a witty blend entitled “9-5 Blend”.

DSC_4762.jpgGiving Purpose to Your Daily Grind

The two of them have been very fortunate to experience different cultures from Kenya to El Salvador and as a result, have learned some valuable lessons.

In an email from Win, he writes:

“Everyone is looking for purpose, in some way or another. Purpose is found in living your life for the sake of someone outside of yourself. Coffee is widely used to fuel this search for purpose. Through pursuing excellence in roasting coffee and championing people that are living their lives for others, we believe we can inspire people to live their lives with a vibrant purpose.”

To sum it all up: ACR (the abbreviation used by those in their community) exists to guide people from being trapped in the mundane to a life filled with vibrant purpose, beginning with high-quality human conscious coffee. Thus became their slogan: “Giving Purpose to Your Daily Grind“.

What I love about ACR is the total honesty these guys provide. If you follow them on their social media accounts it won’t take long for you to realize just how down to earth these guys are. Asher and Win are completely transparent and honest in their processes and methods. They pair that honesty with a great sense of joy that can be found in the light of witty jokes and posts on their social media accounts and website.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 8.23.53 AM.png
Win (left) and Asher (Right) talking about coffee on their Instagram account @arcadiacoffeeroasters

Interestingly enough, when Asher isn’t roasting delicious coffee, he is studying education at the University of Georgia. When Win isn’t grinding coffee, he is grinding in the classroom as a High School Physical Science teacher.

Their Coffee: Kenya

It’s not just their mission and character that I love and support; they also make downright delicious coffee. I have been absolutely blown away by their Kenyan coffee offering and cannot praise it enough.

kenya acr
Arcadia Coffee Roasters: Kenya

The details: a washed, Bourbon varietal, medium-light roast grown at roughly 1750 feet.

On the package, it states that there are notes of dark chocolate, blackberry, and orange. I can truly state that I experienced all of those notes. Brewing this with a pour-over, I was able to really draw on the orange and blackberry flavors. However, when I used a French Press or the Siphon Pot (both immersion style brewing), I found more of the blackberry as well as a great deal of the dark chocolate notes.

If you are looking for a great cup of coffee with the classic roast flavor balanced with some complex tasting notes, then I strongly suggest you try this yourself.

No joke, my mouth is literally watering just thinking about the cups of coffee I brewed from these beans.

Currently, ACR only offers a few coffees, however, with a large base of momentum going into 2019, they are set to expand their offerings.

ACR Moving Forward

Asher and Win have been hard at work lately trying to take their mission to the next level. They have begun working diligently with wholesale partners, added new coffee offerings, and have done significant work behind the scenes to help educate their consumers on their mission.

ACR is working to continue educating people both about their mission, as well as about how to simply make a better cup of coffee.

With their current momentum, I have no doubt you will be hearing more from this fantastic coffee start-up.

All of this to say: If you want crappy coffee that is absolutely meaningless to you and doesn’t help anybody, then Arcadia Coffee Roasters is not for you. However, nobody that depressing exists, so ACR is probably a great option for you.


Check out their website for more info!


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6 comments on “Arcadia Coffee Roasters: Giving Purpose To Your Daily Grind

  1. Love your posts! I also just checked out the website! I like that it expands and goes even deeper into your blog. Thanks for the follow as well! xx <3 meg

  2. Love Kenya coffee!! I will definitely check these guys out! Thanks for the info!

    • Kenya is my favorite Coffee Origin and I believe these guys truly have a delcious offering of it. It is definitely worth your time if you love Kenyan Coffees.

  3. These guys sound amazing. And now I want coffee but I need to get to bed.

    • These guys are fantastic. If you run out of beans, make sure your next pound is from them! The coffee is great; but that’s also paired with a fantastic mission!

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