The Coffee Recipe Book: A New Book From Coffee Made Better Coming This Winter

Hey there coffee nerds! It’s Daniel Lancaster here (the editor of this coffee inter-web platform), and I have some exciting news to tell you.

If you have been reading Coffee Made Better for a while, you may notice something: I like to write about coffee. Not only that, but I like to write about it in a way that breaks it down so that folks who don’t know about coffee can approach the matter with ease. Well to express my dedication to helping people have amazing coffee, I have gone even further down this avenue and decided to write a book!

Yes. That is correct. Not just a blog post…an entire book on the bean. Without further ado, I present: The Coffee Recipe Book: 50 Coffee and Espresso Drinks to Make at Home.

coffee book

This book is broken into two main sections: the first half is dedicated to basic (and when necessary, more intricate) coffee knowledge such as what brewing methods to use, what type of coffee to water ratio to use, what type of beans to buy etc. A lot of this first half is very similar to things that I write about online, however, a bit more in-depth and thorough. The second half is comprised of 50 different recipes you can make using materials you already have at home ranging from lattes to frappes, to espresso martinis :-). In between reading. you will find that the pages are filled with beautiful illustrations by Clare Owen that highlight why craft coffee is so exciting and alluring.

One of the goals of this book is to help people approach coffee with a new set of eyes; one that looks at it as an art form and a craft to be perfected rather than something of a commodity that is easily tossed and brewed again. Here’s a quote from the introduction of the book on this matter:

I am here to help you understand the art and beauty of something so simple–a brown bean. I have come to realize that sometimes, the most beautiful things in life can come out of the most ordinary or, in many cases, ugly things of the world. Take dirt, for instance. It is brown, full of decaying matter, and the very thing we trample daily. Yet, when paired with flower seeds, it can produce something absolutely beautiful. Coffee is very much the same. We can either leave it simply as it is–a brown bean–or we can work diligently to find its beauty, present and ready to be discovered within. I have chosen the latter, and I hope I can help you do the same.

-The Coffee Recipe Book, pg ix

I hope this book helps you fall in love with coffee again.

I hope this book helps you brew coffee 10x better than you previously have.

I hope this book travels to your friends whom you desperately long to drink better coffee, and fixes their devastating habits.

It has been quite a process getting to this stage, however, I am so excited to finally be able to pop the bubble on this.

The Quick Factoids:

  • Publisher: Rockridge Press
  • Pages: 184 of sheer coffee knowledge
  • Release Date: December 24th
  • Pre-Order: Available Now!

Check it out: The Coffee Recipe Book: 50 Coffee and Espresso Drinks to Make at Home

Thanks for hanging with me folks!

-Daniel Lancaster


10 thoughts on “The Coffee Recipe Book: A New Book From Coffee Made Better Coming This Winter”

  1. Hi! I haven’t been drinking much coffee lately, it’s been a natural process for me to step away from drinking over a litre of coffee daily to down to maybe a cup every other day. I find that I still enjoy well-made coffee nonetheless!
    … and many thanks for the like!

  2. Daniel has a gift for teaching about coffee and it definitely shows in this book. I understand so much more about coffee and how to make it properly after reading it! This should be required reading for anyone that works in a coffee shop. Love the recipes – Cold Brew Milkshakes are especially addicting! Thank you thank you Daniel!

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