What is the Melodrip?

In the pour-over realm, things have gotten pretty interesting lately with one of the newer coffee devices on the market. There is something out now called “Melodrip”. What this device does is enable a more even extraction of grounds when pouring for a Chemex, V60, or any other pour-over type method.

It is essentially designed to work like a shower head. It is composed of a stick that holds a “filter” on the end that is basically a bunch of holes that distribute water into a “rain” over the grounds when water is poured through it rather than a simple steady stream from a kettle.

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Does it distribute more evenly?

This is the intended goal of the device, so whether or not it does this is very important. Many people argue that it does fulfill its intended purpose. I would certainly agree that it does “distribute” better which is very important in brewing. So with distribution as the intended outcome; yes it accomplishes its goal.

However, I would like to push it a bit further. Some methods like the Chemex require avoiding pouring water near the edges as it will simply flow down the side. Would it be hard to control things like this with the Melodrip?

That it one criticism that is told about the Melodrip, however, for the most part there are only good things to say about it.

My take is that every coffee enthusiast should consider adding one to their arsenal for better brews.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried the Melodrip? Do you think you will?


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