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Oat Milk Designed for Coffee: Minor Figures

Let’s talk about Oat Milk for Coffee. In a world where the substance that flows from the udders of a cow is no longer the universal understood term for “milk”, you may have been pressed to check out some of the new milks on the block. Almond, Soy, Cashew, Coconut, Lactose-Free, and now most recently…Oat Milk.

As someone who avoids dairy for a host of reasons, I have personally been on the lookout for a good alternative milk product that doesn’t sacrifice the integrity of the coffee I brew. When I work as hard as I do at making titillating coffee or espresso, the last thing I want to do is taint it with a sub-par milk product.

FRIENDS; we have a pretty darn good solution now. Enter, Minor Figures Oat Milk



I have tried other oat milks, and often times again settle for a sub-par solution in exchange for having a non-dairy latte. Minor Figures has created an Oat Milk that sits leagues above others in that there is no sacrifice:

We aren’t a milk company – so unlike the other alternative milks, we aren’t trying to replicate dairy. Minor Figures Oat M*lk is naturally engineered to calibrate its performance perfectly when paired with coffee. It doesn’t split in the lightest roasts, and textures to the perfect micro-foam when steamed….which allows the coffee’s natural characteristics to be present in the cup. We have opted for a creamy but clean texture –in order to focus on each individual coffee’s fidelity and well balanced acidity.


As a barista, one of the most obvious predicaments with alternative milks is that they just don’t steam as well as cow’s milk. Almond milk is notorious for this, soy milk doesn’t even deserve a mention…but oat milk has been a different story. Generally speaking, I have had great luck when steaming oat milk, but specifically, Minor Figures Oat Milk has been the closest thing to the real deal that I have tried yet.


Something I really appreciate about Minor Figures is that they offer both an Organic and a classic version of their Oat Milk. As someone who prefers to use Organic ingredients whenever possible, I was very pleased that not only does this Oat Milk sit above the others I’ve tried in terms of quality, but I also didn’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of it’s natural ingredients.

In tasting both side by side, you’d be hard-pressed to taste a difference between the Organic and Classic offerings. If you are someone who doesn’t feel the need to spend a little more for an Organic version, I think it is really accommodating that Minor figures offers an option for ya 🙂


I know Chai isn’t coffee…but sometimes I drink other types of liquids…

This Oat Milk rocks in Chai. I’ve always felt that Oat Milk was the best type of milk (even above cow milk) to use in chai, but Minor Figures built a milk for Chai that would make the Ancient Ayurvedic version of this drink smile in delight of it’s future prosperity.


Given the junk in our current culture, you’d be remiss if you didn’t take a little time to learn about the companies that produce the products you use. For me, that is 100% an important factor when picking a product, and I can safely say that Minor Figures holds to some pretty great values.


Every Friday, Minor Figures covers the cost of all drinks that are bought using their Oat Milk in cafes around the world. Every Friday, Minor Figures updates the list of shops that are participating on their website. Simply show up at a cafe that is participating, and receive a free drink of choice using Oat Milk:

Just pop down and grab an Oat M*lk coffee on us. It’s our way of helping cafes through this strange period and spreading the love for Minor Figures Oat M*lk.

See the list of participating cafes here: FRIDAY FREEDAYS – MINOR FIGURES


Minor Figures showcases limited runs of select guest coffees on their site for purchase. They started this as another way to support independent businesses during this difficult period. At this point, their Roaster Roster has already supported over 20 unique roasters throughout the world.

See their current available coffees here: ROASTER ROSTER – MINOR FIGURES

Super Side Note:

As one who appreciates good design…their branding deserves a mention. Sleek, minimal, eclectic and looks pretty darn cool socks.

See their apparel and accessories here: APPAREL & ACCESSORIES – MINOR FIGURES


If you are in the business of making good coffee all the while avoiding dairy, hop on over to and make a good move.



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  1. udders. Cows have udders, not utters 🙂

  2. Love oat milk, it’s creamy and delicious!

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