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What We’re Brewing: Columbia Nariño by Patriot Coffee Roasters

Central Florida has an ever expanding coffee scene, and at the moment, one Roaster stands among the influencers. Patriot Coffee Roasters based out of Lakeland, Florida has been in my mug for the past couple of weeks…let me tell you about it.

Coffee Profile

Name: Columbia Nariño

Process: Washed

Origin: Nariño, Columbia 

Tasting Notes: Melon, Jasmine, Brown Sugar

My Experience

Typically I finish a bag of coffee within a week, however, I’ve had my hands full on numerous coffees, and therefore, was able to spend 2 weeks dialing in this one. I found a lot of great notes in this cup…I’d say the brown sugar was very prevalent in a Chemex brew, whereas, in the v60 the melon notes become a bit more visible. My experience with columbian coffees has primarily been in the medium-dark profiles, therefore, the characteristics are a bit more muted. This one being a lighter roast pulled a unique Columbian profile that I had not experienced up until this point. Given the brown sugar notes, I also used a bit of oat milk in a handful of cups and it was sensational.

Coffee Packaging

One thing that is notable and worthy of a bit of honor, is the packaging that Patriot Coffee Roasters works with. All of their kraft bags are covered in a floral design of coffee trees + cherries and rest an image of a horse (reminiscent of the horses of patriots) on the front. Then, to make the user experience even more intriguing, each origin is designated by a circular, textured card that is tied to the front of the bag. Their packaging also uniquely contains a brew guide and the name of the roaster who prepared the coffee (in my case, my Columbia was roasted by Tanner…Go Tanner!).

Roaster Details

Patriot Coffee Roasters was started by a Veteran and its name is tribute to such. Their coffees are bright, unique, and surprising in taste (in a great way!). Here is a little bit about Patriot Coffee Roasters from the founders:

In March 2015, our founder Chris McArthur rolled his hand-built cart onto Kentucky Ave in Downtown Lakeland, FL on a mission to make his community fall in love with a completely different approach to coffee. These were no ordinary coffee beans. Chris had carefully selected single origin coffees of outstanding quality and roasted them in a way that brought forward the coffee’s nuance. Understanding that each coffee is unique, his roasting approach was tailored to bring out unique tasting notes….Our small batch, craft approach continues to be the key to delivering the responsibly sourced, quality coffees we are known for.

To learn more, check them out at patriotcraftcoffee.com

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  1. Be lovely to drop in for a beautifully roasted coffee – Melbournites (Australians living in Melbourne, Australia) love their coffee, and are proud of their coffee culture, so as a proud coffee drinking Melbournite I LOVE that your founder of Patriot got a cart and caused his community to fall in love with great coffee.

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