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What Were Brewing: Signature Gold by West Berkshire Roastery

Hailing from the the UK, comes a crowd pleasing medium-dark roast washed process Peruvian coffee that holds its own.

Coffee Profile

Name: Signature Gold

Process: Washed

Origin: Peru

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Toffee, Almond

My Experience

I brewed this on Chemex & V60 at first and really enjoyed both cups. To try something different, I brewed a few on the French Press and actually found that I really enjoyed this coffee brewed by immersion that way. What I found with this coffee is a “crowd pleaser” as I cited above. As I’ve gotten into specialty coffee, it’s been difficult at times to have coffee that both I enjoy as well as picky family members and friends. Often times, the everyday drinker is looking for a solid medium-dark roast. That’s exactly what I found here. Just a hint of smokey notes as you’d expect from a roast at that level, however, it was dialed back significantly so that the sweetness shined through the brew. This is a pretty delightful everyday drinker.

Coffee Packaging

Their bags are clean. White, with minimal label space on front & back. I like that. I like that a lot. Also, there is something about the texture of West Berkshire Roastery’s bags that I really like as well. In my coffee cabinet, I’m drawn to grab the Signature Gold due to the way the bag feels almost more than anything else (not to mention the great taste of course, ha)!

Roaster Details

West Berkshire Roastery in the UK and seems to be stacking awards for itself alongside their offerings, the most renown of which is their “Signature Gold”. Here’s a quick bit I super stole from their website:

Nestled in historic West Berkshire, near the local lakes in Thatcham, one of the oldest continually habited settlements in England, our award winning coffee is hand-roasted to order. This ensures your coffee loses none of its original flavour and maintains a richer fuller taste. We take inspiration for our logo from our local county flag – featuring a stag & oak. 
This design’s connection with the county dates from at least Micheal Drayton’s 1627 poem Battle of Agincourt, where he describes the men of Berkshire marching under the symbol of “a Stag, under an Oake that stood”. The stag has twelve-point antlers (characteristic of “royal stag”red deer), a reference to the county’s title as the “Royal County of Berkshire”. The stag and oak together represent the county’s forestry and deer herds.

To learn more, check them out at wbroast.co.uk

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