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Finally, an Extra Large AeroPress

For years, the specialty coffee industry has accepted the AeroPress as one of the key pieces of paraphernalia for the industry.

If you’ve never heard of the AeroPress, stop, and read this first.

One of the cons of the AeroPress has always been that’s it’s too small for making coffee in social settings. While it’s great for a personal backpacking trip, or a daily morning coffee routine; when a group of 10 friends is at your house expecting coffee, it can be exhausting to brew 1 cup at a time until all coffee demands are met.

That was, until now. We present, the AeroPress XL.

The capacity of the AeroPress has been doubled, now allowing you to make coffee for 2 with each brew.

The duration of the time it takes to brew, technique, and virtually every other element is untouched. The only real difference aside from the larger filters is that it’s now 2 times the size.

So there you have it, the AeroPress XL.

If you want to get one for yourself, hop on over to and use our promo code for 15% off anything site wide! Whether you land on getting the XL or the classic…or anything else, we’ve got 15% off for ya.


Daniel Lancaster
Founder, Coffee Made Better
Owner, Short Sleeves Coffee Co.


10 comments on “Finally, an Extra Large AeroPress

  1. Oh nice, glad I came over to your blog after you liked one of my posts on!

    I didn’t know this was getting released and I will absolutely be picking one up to replace my older smaller aeropress!

    …and in general, great blog! 🤘🏻

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  7. This is long overdue, and just the news 2023 needs!

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