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What is the American Coffee Press?

We have all heard of the French Press before...but what is the 'American Press?'

We have all heard of the French Press before…but what is the ‘American Press?’

The American Press is one of the newest coffee brewing methods that in some ways is a mix between the traditional French Press and the more recent AeroPress.

What is the American Coffee Press?

Basically to sum it up: the American Press is a coffee maker that brews by using pressure to force water through coffee grounds contained in an enclosed pod filter. It brews faster and keeps the grounds contained without the mess.

american press

So What Makes the American Press Different?

It basically brews coffee the same way that a French Press does without having all of the mud at the bottom of your cup. The filter for the American Press is an ultra-fine 100-micron steel filter which allows you to have a crisp, clean cup of coffee that is really unattainable in a French Press.

Like the AeroPress, it uses pressure to force the flavor out of the coffee bean. (For more info about what in the world an AeroPress is, check out our guide here!)

Like the French Press, it is an immersion method with a metal filter that allows the coffee to brew even after pressed.

With the American Press you are in some ways able to achieve the best of both worlds. You are able to have a nice, bold, yet clean cup of coffee unparalleled to other coffee makers.


Is the American Press Right For You?

If you enjoy the French Press, however would like your cup of coffee to be a little bit more clean and crisp, then this is certainly the route for you to take. It does take a little bit more time and focused attention to brew, however, it is certainly worth the end result.

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  1. Interesting! Can’t wait to try this!

  2. That is something new to me.wonder if it is available in Europe too😀

  3. Thanks for the tip! Just got a drip machine after the wife was tired of that french press grit at the bottom of the cup

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