Aeropress Guide: Pros and Cons

The ‘AeroPress‘ as of lately has sparked the interest of many coffee connoisseurs and nerds alike. We are here to help you understand what the hype is all about and help you discern whether or not it is right for you.


Aeropress Overview:

The AeroPress is a way of brewing espresso strength coffee to be drunk as is or to be used for an americano (espresso & hot water). The method I use is the Inverted Brewing Method (a much more detailed post on this method to come out soon) in which you flip the press upside down and put the grounds into the tube. I then pour water at about 179 degrees Fahrenheit halfway up the tube and then let the coffee brew for about 30 seconds. I then slowly fill the the tube the rest of the way with hot water and then put the filter cap on and press the coffee directly into a mug (I spend about 40 seconds pressing the coffee very gently). Then I drink it black. Then I smile.

Here is the basic guide to the lovely AeroPressI had trouble finding negatives to write about, however, wanted to give you all as much information as possible.


-Very simple to use

-Very quick and easy to clean

-It only takes about 1:27 (about) to brew a cup of coffee from start to finish

-It gives you the kind of taste you expect from a French Press except without the oils and sludge

-Super affordable (You can find it online for as low as $20 if you look hard enough)


-Not ideal for lighter roasts in my opinion

-Very annoying when a large group of friends each want a cup of coffee (you have to make each one individually)

Bottom Line:

It makes a great, strong cup of coffee in a very short amount of time with little difficulty. Also, the relatively low cost of it makes it a huge plus. On the other hand, if you do not enjoy strong coffee, it may not be the best route for you, however, there are still many options and variables in terms of brewing time and the grounds to water ratio that you could mess with to make it a little easier to handle. But for the rest of you; go get ya one!


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