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Coffee Origins Guide: Uganda

For years, coffee from Uganda has seemed to be very similar to Kenyan coffee, however, simply not as good. In some ways, coffee from Uganda could have been dubbed “Kenya’s ugly step-sister”. That preconceived notion needs to change…Ugandan coffee is an origin on the rise.

Improved Practices in Uganda

Uganda’s coffee scene has been previously dominated by the Robusta variety, which, produces low quality, bitter coffee beans. In recent years, Arabica variety production has seen a steady increase that does not seem as if it will slow down any time soon.

Sustainability experts have been working closely with Ugandan farmers to not only improve their practices environmentally, but also to help them improve the quality of the coffee. This increase in attention to farming practices has resulted in numerous Uganda coffees finally receiving some recognition.


West Nile

Coffee from this region is typically known for its citrus profiles. Most of the farmers work with washed processing methods, and therefore it produces much more vibrant coffee.

Rwenzori Mountains

The region is known for its natural processed coffees, however, there are some washed processed coffees found here as well.

Mount Eglon

Karla Boza writes on this region on Perfect Daily Grind: “The Bugisu region on the western slopes of Mount Elgon is particularly well-known for its fruity, wine-like coffees. Yet more commonly you’ll taste sweet, citrusy coffees with notes of raisins and figs, such as those from Gibuzali and Kapchorwa washing stations”



While we are just beginning to see the exciting flavor profiles of Ugandan coffees, what we do know is that some of the best unlock unique sweet, citrusy flavors unlike what is found in other growing regions. As noted by Atlas Coffee Importers:

In the cup, Uganda’s washed coffees bring satiny body and ripe stone fruit tones, along with a delicate touch of red berry and a buttery finish. The best natural coffees feature a lush dark berry jam flavor and mouthfeel, and clean nougat-like mid tone

The prospect for Ugandan Coffee is certainly on the rise.




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