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What Were Brewing: Guatemala Benjamin Lopez by Dapper & Wise


Hailing from the coffee mecca that is Portland Oregon, comes a smooth, chocolatey medium roast Guatemala that gives ode to the jewel that Guatemalan coffee is crowned for.  I’ve recently dabbled with the Dapper & Wise Guatemala Benjamin Lopez and it, in turn, dabbled my taste buds.

Coffee Profile

Name: Guatemala Benjamin Lopez

Process: Washed

Origin: Guatemala 

Tasting Notes: Chocolate Chunk, Tiramisu, Hazelnut Butter

My Experience

I went straight to the Chemex for this, and found it to be produce that fantastic, crown jewel, medium Guatemealan that I am perpetually looking for. The aroma will knock your socks off (if your prone to socks being knocked off when smelling intense hazelnut & cocoa aromas). Whilst walking around barefoot after the aroma hit me, I really enjoyed the smooth body of this coffee. This coffee felt like a very approachable, top-notch type of coffee that you can hand to your picky grandfather and he would enjoy without having to make the “I hate fruity coffee” comment. On the V60, a slightly brighter cup came forth, that for me, was all too exciting. I brewed this as espresso on my flair, and that shot would be worth drinking again and again…however, I unfortunately had to share this bag with some good friends…and it was gone within 2 days.

Coffee Packaging

Their bags are sleek, modern, and also very approachable. I love how simple the labels are, and how concise and to the point they are in terms of what you might expect in the cup. I love the label “comforting” to describes these beans…which is exactly what I’d refer to these as myself. I’ve always been a fan of any company that has worked with Savor Brands and hence, Dapper & Wise is added to the collection. If you look at D&W’s full coffee lineup, what I really appreciate is that each bag seems to fit into the full Dapper & Wise collective color system.

Roaster Details

Dapper & Wise is based in Portland, Oregon and seems to be a great addition to what is already such a vibrant community. The laid-back unpretentious nature of this company speaks volumes when paired with their excellence in products. Here’s a quick bit I super stole from their website:

Our goal at Dapper & Wise is to source and roast the best coffees we can find, to keep inventing new ways to treat our employees and coffee producers better, to be funny slightly more often than we are serious, to consistently offer the tastiest coffees and beverages in our cafes, to be at minimum very nice to everyone who walks in our doors, to teach our friends and customers about coffee in a friendly and un-pretentious way, and to have fun while we are doing all of those things. It’s a long goal with a lot of commas and dependent clauses, but we think it’s worth it.

To learn more, check them out at dapperandwise.com

Also, check out OUR VERY OWN COFFEE COMPANY….Short Sleeves Coffee Co.

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