The past few years have been a blast writing, researching, and scouring the planet in order to highlight the best of the coffee scene. This has been our drive.
Now, excitedly, we are taking what we’ve learned and we’re putting all of that into roasting coffee ourselves! We’ve really gleaned from other companies over the years, and now we want to contribute to this exciting industry.

Without further ado…I present,
Short Sleeves Coffee Co.

We’re selling this coffee here on our website…however, you can also head on over here to check out the company site.


We’re really pumped about this, and if you’ve been an avid reader, or care about some of the stuff we talk about here, we hope you’ll hop over and try some for yourself. We’ll call tasting our coffee an “object lesson” in some of the things we’ve been writing about in specialty coffee. Or something like that.

Daniel Lancaster
Founder-Editor-Guy, Coffee Made Better
Owner, Short Sleeves Coffee Co.

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  1. Congratulations! So Happy for You and Your Family. Where do I order some Coffee ☕🥰

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