Drink Coffee From a Mug

Here is the problem:

People like convenience -> Convenience leads to using a to-go cup -> using a to-go cup leads to it being thrown in the trash -> the cup thrown in the trash leads to more waste in our landfills -> more waste = bad news.

Check this out:


The Waste:

-Our single use paper cups are often times lined with plastic, which then as a result is not recyclable.

-Each cup is responsible for 0.24 lbs of C02 gas emission

-Each daily coffee drinker could potentially create 23 lbs of coffee cup waste per year!

Photo from theconversation.com

Here is the solution:

Drink coffee from a mug.

It sounds strange; I get it. However, it could just maybe save the planet a whole lot-a-bit.

Also: Better Flavor in a Mug ย 

In going for convenience we miss the most important part of coffee; the coffee. Our paper cups are actually ever so slightly tainting the flavor of the coffee. When drinking out of paper you actually in turn get a small taste of paper in each sip.

Stop drinking your cup and start drinking coffee.



For a great reusable mug, try this YETI Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug!

Or get a mug from your LOCAL COFFEE SHOP!


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