Drink Coffee From a Mug

Here is the problem:

People like convenience -> Convenience leads to using a to-go cup -> using a to-go cup leads to it being thrown in the trash -> the cup thrown in the trash leads to more waste in our landfills -> more waste = bad news.

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The Waste:

-Our single use paper cups are often times lined with plastic, which then as a result is not recyclable.

-Each cup is responsible for 0.24 lbs of C02 gas emission

-Each daily coffee drinker could potentially create 23 lbs of coffee cup waste per year!

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Here is the solution:

Drink coffee from a mug.

It sounds strange; I get it. However, it could just maybe save the planet a whole lot-a-bit.

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In going for convenience we miss the most important part of coffee; the coffee. Our paper cups are actually ever so slightly tainting the flavor of the coffee. When drinking out of paper you actually in turn get a small taste of paper in each sip.

Stop drinking your cup and start drinking coffee.



For a great reusable mug, try this YETI Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug!

Or get a mug from your LOCAL COFFEE SHOP!



23 thoughts on “Drink Coffee From a Mug”

  1. Great article. Unfortunately, we have to figure out a way to get people to make an valid attempt to solve the issue. It all comes down to convenience and the ease of getting a new cup each time because the trash issue is someone else’s problem. It’s the same as going green. We all want to be a part of it but none of us want to pay for it. To compound the problem, the amount of plastic k-cups that get thrown into landfills is horrifying and more expensive that good coffee with a reusable filter. How do we get people to make the change?

    1. Well–I don’t exactly know the whole answer, however, I do say it starts with making them realize how big the problem is. People make fun of “awareness” as a strategy for change, however, I do believe that is the first step!

  2. Waitrose in UK supplies free coffee to shoppers but has changed their policy by requiring us to bring our own mugs if we want their delicious coffee.

    We also pay about 7 cents for each plastic bag we use at checkout – this is about to rise to 14 cents a bag. Obviously everybody is switching their own bags when they go shopping.

    A little monetary persuasion can help to achieve big results.

    1. That is really interesting! I think that is a very good idea for a retail store. I wonder how coffee shops can continue to use this idea. I have seen many “Bring Your Own Mug” Discounts

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