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Why Coffee Is The Best Christmas Gift.

I am here to tell you why everybody in your life just wants a bag of coffee for Christmas.

I am here to tell you why everybody in your life just wants a bag of coffee for Christmas. Don’t get bested by the relative that brings everyone coffee; be that relative.

Here are the reasons why:

1. It is something they can use immediately 

They don’t have to wait for another day to use it; they can have instant satisfaction! Not that they don’t enjoy the gift card to a restaurant, or tickets to some event a month or two away, or that new item they can only use in the summertime; it is just that sometimes having something they can use that day is quite fun!

They can use coffee the morning they open it!

2. It’s the gift that keeps on giving

They can brew another cup in the afternoon or evening. They can brew another cup the next morning. They can repeat this cycle for days (and weeks depending on much coffee you gave them). Every time they open that bag of coffee, they will remember you, and think, “That Jeff  sure is a sweet pal”.

3. You will likely get some of it

Chances are, they will want to brew some coffee that day. If you are with them, they might just make you some as well. Boom; you scored on your own gift.

4. It makes all of the other gifts so much more fun

Let’s be honest; caffeine is a drug. A warm, brown, delicious drug that makes everything else so much better. If they drink coffee, then they won’t be as bothered about the underwear their grandmother knitted them for Christmas.

4. Coffee is Perfect

It is the perfect gift because it is perfect.

The taste. The smell. The warmth. The Caffeine.

Your new pajamas will pale in comparison to a nice bag of fresh roasted coffee.

Don’t get bested by the relative who gave out coffee; be that relative. 

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  1. #3 is by far my favorite!

  2. Hey I like your blog and was wondering if you had an instagram so I could ask you a few questions about how you drive traffic to your website

  3. Gunjan Patni

    Awesome Content really I appreciate

  4. I never thought of this…but so true! You’re right, caffeine is a drug…and i’m a total addict!

  5. Great post! Here’s #3!

    Hey, thanks for following Scott’s Astronomy. I’ve followed you back. Keep up all the great work, and happy holidays!

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