Coffee Inspired New Years Resolutions

Every year, millions of people around the world come up with some great New Years Resolutions. Due to the inherent addiction in our culture, it is no surprise that many of them involve coffee…

We have compiled a list of ‘Coffee Inspired New Years Resolutions’ below. Maybe some of them will inspire you this year! Enjoy!

Coffee Made Better Presents:

The 2019 Coffee Inspired New Years Resolutions List:

  1. “I will defeat gas station coffee in 2019.” – “Coffee Made Better”
  2. “In 2019 I will stop torturing my coffee with cream.” – Adam F
  3. “This year I will cut back to 6 cups of coffee a day.” – Amy G 
  4. “I will visit one new coffee shop a week in 2019.” – Gavin S
  5. “In 2019 I will only spill coffee on myself every once in a while.” – Jessica M
  6. “In 2019, baristas will finally spell my name right on my cup.” – Jorge L
  7. “I will stop using disposable cups in 2019!” – Bethany T
  8. “I will work harder, at spreading the love and importance, of ‘good’ coffee.” -Kat
  9. “I will continue learning and pursuing my dream of opening my own coffee shop!” – Julia H
  10. “I will help spread the word on where to find great local coffee houses.” – Azriel D
  11. “I will not speak to anyone before I have my first sip of coffee each day. It’s better for everyone that way.” – “Middle Aged Momma”
  12. “One cup of coffee a day.” -MaiRose M
  13. “To sit and enjoy my 1 cup of coffee I drink daily. I get busy and before I know it, my cup is all gone.” – Elizabeth R
  14. “My one-year mission: to explore strange new beans. To seek out new grinds and new brewing methods. To boldly go to coffee shops where this man has not gone before!” – Raymond H
  15. “I will look past the steaming mug of Maxwell House instant!” -Robyn B
  16. “2019 Mission: to connect a number of coffee lovers equal to the population of an average small American town.” – “Coffee Props”
  17. “My New Year’s resolution was to enjoy more coffee…so far, so good!” -Raymond H’s Wife
  18. “2019 Goals: Make good decisions, be a good friend, pay attention, and drink locally!” -Dripolator Coffeehouse


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31 thoughts on “Coffee Inspired New Years Resolutions”

  1. My NY resolution is to have 52 unique visits to coffee shops in Chicago (meaning I can’t go to one coffee shop 52x). I’ve already been to 3 coffee shops!

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