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What We’re Brewing: Columbia Nariño by Patriot Coffee Roasters

Central Florida has an ever expanding coffee scene, and at the moment, one Roaster stands among the influencers. Patriot Coffee Roasters based out of Lakeland, Florida has been in my mug for the past couple of weeks…let me tell you about it.

Coffee Profile

Name: Columbia Nariño

Process: Washed

Origin: Nariño, Columbia 

Tasting Notes: Melon, Jasmine, Brown Sugar

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What is a Flat White?: Explained

Of all the drinks on a cafe menu, one of the most complicated to explain is the Flat White. Why?

There is no 100% accurate definition for a flat white.

If you ask 10 different specialty coffee baristas, “What is a flat white”, you will receive 11 different answers.

It’s one of those drinks that has evolved over the years and taken various forms which brings it to it’s unique, hard-to-pin-down form today. Continue reading “What is a Flat White?: Explained”

Arbitrary Stuff Increases Coffee Enjoyment

Guest Post By French Press Enthusiast Harrison Northey

Coffee is yummy, right?  If you read a blog dedicated to making coffee better, then you probably agree with me.  In and of itself coffee is a pleasure with scarcely an equal to be found anywhere else.  But I think that for individual people, coffee’s tastiness and enjoyment can be enhanced beyond its own inherent qualities by our own arbitrary preferences.  Well-brewed coffee is objectively good, but what about all the subjective aspects of drinking coffee that make it even better to all of us bean appreciators?  What about all the things that you also love and look forward to about your daily cup(s)? Continue reading “Arbitrary Stuff Increases Coffee Enjoyment”