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Is Specialty Coffee Worth It?

Is the extra time, energy, and money put into specialty coffee worth it?

With the growing trend towards specialty coffee, there has been some speculation about whether or not the extra effort is worth it. Specialty coffee requires extra time, energy, money, and significant research and study to be done well. For someone just looking for their morning fix; many would argue that it isn’t worth it. Allow me to change your mind…

For years coffee has simply been something that was part of a family routine in the morning and only in recent years has started to break free from that mold. With new research into the volatile flavor compounds in coffee beans and the unique tastes available in coffee, coffee producers and baristas alike have been working hard to bring those flavors to light.

Specialty Coffee Isn’t For Everyone

Let me be clear; I think everyone should try specialty coffee, however, I am not convinced that everyone needs specialty coffee. Some coffee drinkers simply drink it for the caffeine or may put mounds of cream and sugar into their coffee. These coffee drinkers do not necessarily need to spend all of the extra energy required for specialty coffee. If you do not really care about the extra details of flavor in specialty coffee, then it will not be worth the extra time, energy, and significant money that needs to be put into it.

For instance, I enjoy riding a bike occasionally and have bought a $200 bike rather than an $800 bike. An avid cyclist would more than likely swear by the $800 bike over the $200 bike due to the extra quality in it that would make biking significantly more enjoyable. I, however, as only an occasional biker do not think the extra $600 is worth it for me to get a better bike. This is the same with coffee drinkers.

If you do not think the benefits of specialty coffee outweigh the drawbacks of the time, energy, and money that needs to be put into it; then please do not waste your time on it. Drink Folgers if you need; get the best bang for your buck that accomplishes your ultimate goal: “have a cup of coffee”.

Why Everyone Should Try Specialty Coffee

All of that said; it certainly should be something you at least try.

Due to the vast degree at which growers, roasters, and brewers alike have worked to improve the quality of coffee, I believe many who have never tried specialty coffee might be very shocked. Specialty coffee may open your eyes up to a whole new world of flavor that you had never experienced before.

Whenever a group of people works so diligently to bring out the absolute very best in something; amazing things happen.

This is what is happening with coffee.


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16 comments on “Is Specialty Coffee Worth It?

  1. I totally agree with your perspective and find moreover that specialty coffee is somewhat overvalued just for the fact of being ‘specialty’

    • Yes, I can agree with that in some cases. Many times, the price can be hiked up just because companies will know that consumers are willing to pay for it. I will, however, state that I believe that is not across the board. The extra work and care that goes into making specialty coffee in many cases really does warrant the extra cost.

  2. Great post! Great coffee is worth the extra effort and cost. There are so many variables to a great cup, temperature, water source, brewing container, etc.

  3. Yes

  4. May have to try this. I am not a coffee drinker, it all taste the same to me. I hope this changes my mind.

    • Yes, you should definitely try some specialty coffee. You may be blown away by just how different it tastes from “typical coffee”. Every cup of coffee I have these days taste completely different from the cup I had prior 🙂

  5. Proud Portland coffee snob, here!

  6. I am coffee drinker so i can see the differences but sometimes the specialty coffee is not worth it and it depends on the cafe how the make it by which machines

  7. Another informative, funny good post. I hope all is well, God Bless 😇

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