Perfect Coffee To Water Ratio

There are so many variables that go into the flavor that comes out of brewing a cup of coffee. In terms of those variables; the coffee to water ratio is one of the most important.

How much grounds and how much water should you put in the pot to brew?

You must get this correct, as otherwise, in the words of Barista Salem from High Five Coffee in Asheville, NC, “Too many grounds will result in over-extraction, while too little grounds will result in under-extraction. The taste of over-extraction is bitter and the taste of under-extraction is sour”. Just as water temperature is important; the same goes for how much water you actually use.

To answer this question, we first need to decide which method you will be using. There are many different ways to make coffee, and therefore, each method requires a slightly different ratio to receive the best flavor and get all of those water-soluble flavor compounds out of the bean! The chart below indicates the ratio you should use for almost every coffee endeavor you could think of:

Standard Drip Pot

This chart is based off of common thought for each of these areas; however, there are many personal preferences that can come into play when figuring out your own ratios. If you like stronger coffee; do a little less water. If you don’t like strong coffee; do a little more water.

It really is solely by preference–>These are simply great places to start for each method.



To try out any of these methods for yourself, check out the links below:
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  1. My husband needs to read this, he puts WAY too much grounds in our pot of coffee. The bottom of our pot is always crunchy! I never drink the last cup of the pot! Haha

    1. Thank you, wow after reading this article, I had the urge to brew coffee to perfection. Did not want to ask anybody to do it, and now I am sitting with my “Love Cup” perfectly brewed to perfection and ready for whatever is coming my way.

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